CBD and Animals

24.01.2020 14:15

CBD and Animals

The discovery of CBD and its many positive effects on humans has surprised physicians and pharmacologists worldwide. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects, CBD is particularly known for its anxiety-relieving and calming effects.

But does this also apply to animals? Yes

Animals also suffer from stress, insomnia, anxiety and muscle cramps. And they too have their own endocannabinoid system to process CBD. In the USA and Canada, CBD-containing pet foods are widespread, and pet owners report the side-effects of shiny fur and completely satisfied four-legged friends.

cabiol CBD for Animals

cabiol CBD for animals is completely safe, is made from hemp and does not contain THC that makes you high. The positive effects of CBD are enormous and above all without side effects. In addition to the pure CBD oil, we also have very tasty treats in our portfolio that every pet likes, unless their owner has already eaten them away. Try it out. Not for you! For your animal.

Can cats feal fear?

Contrary to the traditional opinion cats do feel fear. For example separation fear, if the owner leaves the animal alone to go to work. Loud music or fireworks can also cause fear. Dropped ears, an arched back or hissing are direct signs of this fear. Defecation outside the litter box or uncontrolled movements can also be an indication. Studies show that CBD can be a suitable alternative in these situations, especially because of the absence of side effects.

Is stress also an issue for dogs?

Stress is caused in animals as well as in humans by noisy surroundings, car travel or air travel, interpersonal aggression and arguments near the animal or by a stronger rival. This increases the level of cortisol, a hormone produced by the body, which is released during stress. Evidently, CBD can help lower these stress-induced levels so that the dog feels more balanced and comfortable.