Reviews of products

You can evaluate the products offered by us in the shop directly - so as a customer you can make recommendations to other customers or point out special advantages of products, but of course also disadvantages that you have noticed in an article. At the same time, they can read customer opinions about products that interest them here before buying.

In addition, we receive feedback on the products in this way and can, if necessary, in the event of a high number of rather negative reactions, conclude that the product or a production line is of inferior quality. This gives us the opportunity to make a better decision as to whether to remove the product in question from our range and/or replace it with a higher quality product. All registered customers can rate products, it is not necessary to have bought the respective product first.

Earning with ratings So that the efforts resulting from the rating are worthwhile for them, we credit 1.00 Euro (maximum 10.00 Euro/month) to your customer account for each unlocked rating. This credit can be used for one of your next purchases. A rating is therefore cash money for you.